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Tomihisa Jun White Steel #2 Magnolia Deba 180mm

Tomihisa Jun White Steel #2 Magnolia Deba 180mm

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Steel Type: Shirogami #2 (White #2 Carbon Steel) 
Handle Material: Magnolia Round Handle with Buffalo horn bolster
Rockwell HRC: 60:63
Blade Length: 180mm, 7 inch
Bevel: Traditional Single Bevel (Right-Handed)

This Knife comes with a Wooden Saya (Sheath Cover)

About the Deba: The Deba used to cut and fillet the head and bones of fish, and to separate the backbone from the meat. The blade is very thick, and it is the heaviest knife among Japanese knives, so you can use the weight to cut fish bones and heads.

 About the Tomihisa Shiro#2 Series: This series features Shirogami White Carbon Steel forged and manufactured by the master blacksmiths of the Sakai Region. The choice of sushi chefs, the White Carbon Steel offers extreme sharpness and effortless sharpening capabilities due to its unique metallurgical structure. The series offers three handle options: the classic and minimalist Magnolia Handle, the exquisite Octagonal Rosewood Handle, and the sleek Walnut Handle. Each handle is elegantly adorned with a luxurious Buffalo Horn Bolster, adding a touch of refinement to the knives. 

About Tomihisa: Tomihisa is KUTO's own in-house brand of knives. The name "富久" Tomihisa derives from the name of the owner: "久富" Kutomi, with the Japanese Kanji characters reversed. The Tomihisa lines are curated using affordable and high-quality steels, which offer the optimal balance of easy maintenance, sharpening, and long-lasting sharpness. These knives are forged by master craftsmen from the regions of Tosa, Seki, and Sakai in Japan.

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