Knife Sharpening Service

Japanese knives are renowned for their extreme sharpness, longevity, & their quality of craftsmanship.

These expensive & beautiful knives should be maintained well in order to keep its outstanding performance in the kitchen.

Drop your knives at our showroom:

Ground Floor, Sheikh Majid Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE. TSSC Showroom.

Our team will contact you once your knives have been sharpened and are ready to be collected.

↓ Sharpening for Western Style Knives

Hand sharpening utilizes individual whetstones for a more precise and delicate job ensuring top sharpness after the service.

Machine sharpening using a Japanese grindstone is quicker for those who need their knives sharpened asap.

↓ Sharpening for Traditional Style Knives

Since Japanese Traditional Knives are structured & constructed with a single bevel and a single edge, the best way to sharpen these knives are by hand using whetstones.

Additional Knife Service & Maintenance

An additional 50 AED for the following services: