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Seki Mago Roku

Seki Mago Roku Diamond & Ceramic Knife Sharpener

Seki Mago Roku Diamond & Ceramic Knife Sharpener

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Product Code: AP0308

STEP1. Use the first slot (Diamond wheel) to sharpen the worn part of your blade.
STEP2. Move to the second slot (Ceramic grindstone) to refine the cutting edge.
STEP3. Finish with the third slot (Fine ceramic grinding wheel) to finish and smoothen the edge.

Note: When sharpening the knife, make sure to only use one motion to "Pull" the knife. Do not use the sharpener with a "sawing" motion. Make sure to only use on Western Style, Double-Edged Knives. NOT suitable for Single Edged Knives.

Materials and Composition:
Body: Heat resistant ABS Plastic and Resin (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene)
Transparent Cover: AS Plastic and Resin (acrylonitrile-styrene)
Grind Stones: Diamond and Ceramic

Size: 141 x 51 x 55 mm

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