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Sakai Ichimonji

Sakai Ichimonji White Steel #1 Montanren Kiritsuke Yanagi 300mm

Sakai Ichimonji White Steel #1 Montanren Kiritsuke Yanagi 300mm

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Product Codes: 1sk9s-300
Steel Type: Shirogami #1 White Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Yew Wood Octagonal Handle with Buffalo horn bolster
Rockwell HRC: 61:64
Blade Length: 270mm, 10.6 inch
Bevel: Traditional Single-Edged (Right)

About the Kiritsuke Yanagi: The Kiritsuke Yanagi is a variation of the "Yanagi" Knife. It is used to slice boneless fish fillets into sashimi and sushi. The graceful, long, and thin blade is designed to cut slices in one drawing stroke, which applies minimal pressure on the flesh of the fish to avoid stress and cell destruction.

About Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide: The essence of Sakai is in Ichimonji's knives. Backed by the skills of craftsmen who have been continuously improving their techniques for more than 600 years, the Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide brand has been trusted by top culinary masters for generations.

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