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Sakai Ichimonji

Sakai Ichimonji Ikazuchi VG-10 Damascus Petty 150mm

Sakai Ichimonji Ikazuchi VG-10 Damascus Petty 150mm

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Product Codes: ikazuchip-150

Steel Type: VG-10 Stainless Steel with "Nashiji" (Pear skin), and "Suminagashi" Damascus Finish.
Handle Material: Black Linen Micarta Handle
Blade Length: 150mm, 5.9 inch
Rockwell HRC: 60:61
Bevel: 50:50

About the Petty: The Petty or "pettite" knife comes in a small and convenient size for more delicate work like cutting, or peeling small vegetables and herbs.

About the Ikazuchi Series: Sakai Ichimonji's Ikazuchi line of knives are one of its most special and exclusive knives, this is because every single step during the production of these knives are all done by hand, that means no hydraulic hammers,and no grind stones. Everything is done by hand and hammer only. The VG10 Stainless Steel blade features a "Nashiji" (Pear Skin) finish and a "Suminagashi" Damasucus finish and is paired with a luxurious Micarata Handle. It takes a tremendous time to complete one knife since no heavy machinery or hammers are used, imagine all those layers of damascus only done by hand and hammer.

About Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide: The essence of Sakai is in Ichimonji's knives. Backed by the skills of the craftsmen who have been continuously improving their techniques for more than 600 years, the Sakai Ichimonji
Mitsuhide brand has been trusted by top culinary masters for generations.

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