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Masamoto Sohonten

Masamoto Molybdenum Sujihiki 240mm

Masamoto Molybdenum Sujihiki 240mm

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Steel Type: Molybdenum Stain Resistant Steel

Handle Material: Composite Wood

Rockwell HRC: 57

Blade Length: 240mm, 9.4 inch

Bevel: 70:30 (Right-Handed)

About the Sujihiki: This blade shape is intended for slicing boneless protein. The Sujihiki is often referred to as the Western equivalent of the traditional Yanagi knife.

About Masamoto Molybdenum: The Masamoto Molybdenum line provides high-quality, affordable knives under the trustworthy name of Masamoto. These knives utilize molybdenum, making them easier to sharpen and maintain. The addition of molybdenum also helps to improve edge retention and makes the blade stain- and rust-resistant. Equipped with a comfortable, durable composite wood handle. 

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