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Chiba "Peel S" Katsuramuki

Chiba "Peel S" Katsuramuki

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Description: The Peel S Katsuramuki is one of the most popular peelers for Vegetables. It features a rotating handle and an adjustable blade used to peel vegetables such as Radish, Potatoes, Etc.


Unit size: 300×240×165mm
Weight: 1.7kg
Maximum diameter: 100mm
Maximum width: 120mm
Thickness of Katsuramuki: About 0.5mm (without thickness adjustment sheet). The thickness of the adjustment sheet: 0.3mm (you can use up to 2 sheets.)

The Peel S Katsuramuki is also available for BULK and PRE-ORDER. If interested in bulk or pre-order, please contact us by email.

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