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Nenox Desert Ironwood Sujihiki 230mm

Nenox Desert Ironwood Sujihiki 230mm

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Product Code: HNE-IWSU-230

Steel Type: Confidential blend of high carbon stain resistant steel
Handle Material: 50-100 Year old Desert Ironwood
Rockwell HRC: 60
Blade Length: 230mm, 9inch
Bevel: 70:30 Right

About the Sujihiki: This blade shape is intended for slicing boneless protein. The Sujihiki is often referred to as the Western equivalent of the traditional Yanagi knife.

About the Nenox Desert Ironwood Handle: Perhaps one of the most luxurious handles in the Nenox Line of knives, the eye-catching handle is made from the 50-100 year old carbonized roots of Desert Ironwood, which comes from the southwest deserts of The United States and Mexico.

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