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Shapton Pro Kuromako Stone 2000# Grit

Shapton Pro Kuromako Stone 2000# Grit

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Description: 2000# Grit whetstone from Shapton Kuromaki Pro Series. 2000# Grit is usually used to enhance the cutting performance of a knife after rough sharpening

Size: 21 x 7 x 15 cm

About the Shapton Kuromaki Pro Series: One of the most highly regarded series of synthetic stones on the market, the Shapton Professional line is designed with speed and ease of use in mind. The stones cut very quickly and require no soaking, simply splash and go. Combined with very good feedback, high levels of refinement at their given grit rating, and resistance to wear and dishing, it is no wonder Shapton Pro stones are some of our top sellers.

Shapton includes a very handy case with each stone that can double as a stone holder.

About Shapton: Shapton stones are some of the most popular and widely used sharpening stones in Japan & Worldwide. They used innovative materials and techniques in order to sharpen knives easier & faster while reducing wear. KUROMAKU is the world's first set of color-coded sharpening stones, each color representing a different grade of coarseness. The storage case makes it easy to carry the stones, and can also be used as a sharpening base.

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