Tomihisa Ruri Petty 135mm

Tomihisa Ruri Petty 135mm

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Steel Type: AUS10A Stainless Steel, with "Nami" Wave Pattern

Handle Material: Japanese Oakwood Handle

Rockwell HRC: 60

Blade Length: 135mm, 5.3 inch

Bevel: 50:50 

About the Petty: The Petty or "petite" knife comes in a small and convenient size for more delicate work like cutting, or peeling small vegetables and herbs.

About the Tomihisa Ruri Series: Introducing the Tomihisa Ruri Series, meticulously handcrafted with an AUS10 stainless steel core, expertly clad in a unique 'Suminagashi' or Damascus pattern. Paired with an octagonal dark oakwood handle, this series offers a comfortable grip while adding a touch of sophistication to your culinary experience.

About Tomihisa: Tomihisa is KUTO's own in-house brand of knives. The name "富久" Tomihisa derives from the name of the owner: "久富" Kutomi, with the Japanese Kanji characters reversed. The Tomihisa lines are curated using affordable and high-quality steels, which offer the optimal balance of easy maintenance, sharpening, and long-lasting sharpness. These knives are forged by master craftsmen from the regions of Tosa, Seki, and Sakai in Japan.

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