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Togiharu Inox Honesuki 145mm

Togiharu Inox Honesuki 145mm

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Product Code: HTO-INHO-145

Steel Type: Inox (AUS-8) Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Composite wood with welded bolster
Rockwell HRC: 58
Blade Length: 145mm, 5.7 inch
Bevel: 70:30

About the Honesuki: The honesuki poultry boning knife that is used to separate the meat from the bones. It is lighter and thinner than the garasuki and can be used in place of a Western boning knife.

About Togiharu: Togiharu is Korin's house brand and was created with user in mind. The brand was created for functionality and is Korin's more affordable brand of knives. All Togiharu Knives are inspected one-by-one for quality - they are not mass handled. The final edge finishing process is done by hand, ensuring unparalleled sharpness out of the box.

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