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Togiharu 440 Wa-Petty 150mm

Togiharu 440 Wa-Petty 150mm

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Product Code: HTO-WAPE-150

Steel Type: 440 High Chromium Stain Resistant Steel
Handle Material: Magnolia Wooden Handle, with Buffalo Horn Bolster
Rockwell HRC: 58-59
Blade Length: 150mm, 6inch
Bevel: 70:30

Comes with Wooden Saya Sheath

About the Petty: The Petty or "pettite" knife comes in a small and convinient size for more delicate work like cutting, or peeling small vegetables and herbs.

About Togiharu Wa-Series: The Togiharu Wa-series is the newest line of Togiharu brand knives. These elegant knives feature a stain resistant 70:30 western blade on a traditional Japanese magnolia wood handle with a water buffalo horn bolster. The Togiharu Wa-series are Korin's most affordable line of wa-style knives and are highly recommended for those who enjoy the larger traditional Japanese handles but prefer a western style blade.

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