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Naniwa 1000/3000# Stone with Base

Naniwa 1000/3000# Stone with Base

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Description: Two sharpening stones including a 1000 Grit, and a 3000 gritstone. 1000/3000 are medium coarse stones mostly used for enhancing cutting performance.

Comes with a plastic case that can also be used as a base/stone holder.

About the Naniwa Multi-Stone Series: The Naniwa Multi-Stone series is an affordable sharpening stone from Naniwa. It doesn't catch the blade too much so it's a perfect sharpening stone for absolute beginners.

About Naniwa: Established in 1941, Naniwa Abrasive has been manufacturing construction abrasives, diamond cutters, grinding, and sharpening stones for all industries. With a high-quality manufacturing process and technology, Naniwa has been one of the leading companies in manufacturing the highest quality whetstones that chefs adore.

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