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Hasegawa Hangiri Sushi Rice Spatula 45 cm

Hasegawa Hangiri Sushi Rice Spatula 45 cm

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Description: Made from plastic resin, it is less prone to rice sticking onto it; and the common problem of wood waste and black molds forming is no longer a concern. The thin head of the spatula makes it lightweight, enables ease of handling and mixing the rice around the corner of the bowl. In addition, the head comes with a wave-like, patterned structure, that enables a good mix of the rice and the vinegar. 

The original, wave-like patterned structure, mixes vinegar and sushi rice well 

Product Features: 

  • It comes with high-heat resistant specifications (230 C / 446 F)
  • It is made from material that hardly breaks or corrodes, hence no risk of chipping.

Size: 45cm

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