← Yanagi (Sushi Knife)

The Yanagi, or the Yanagiba is a long, slender blade used mainly to slice sushi and sashimi. 

The graceful, and long blade requires very little pressure when drawing it smoothly because the Yanagi is extremely sharp and thin at the edge.


Kiritsuke Yanagi (Sushi Knife Variation) →

The Kiritsuke Yanagi is a variation of the Yanagi/Yanagiba. Like the Yanagi, this blade is used mainly to slice sushi and sashimi. 

The Kiritsuke Yanagi has a different tip than the Yanagi. The tip is slightly protruded, this makes it easier for the Kiritsuke Yanagi to perform more detailed tasks with the tip.


← Sakimaru Takohiki (Sushi Knife Variation)

The Sakimaru Takohiki is a variation of the Yanagiba. Takohiki, and is used for much the same purpose of slicing sushi and sashimi.

Sakimaru Takohiki are easily identifiable by their blade tips, which look similar to that of a Katana. Their blades have a straight spine and a slightly curved edge like the Yanagiba.


Deba (Fish Butchering Knife) →

The Deba Knife is a blade mainly used for butchering, filleting, and cleaning fish, and in some cases can be used for poultry and other meats.

The most notable feature of the Deba is the thick, heavy, and wide spine. This adds more weight and pressure when butchering and cleaning fish as it can go through small bones. 


← Usuba (Vegetable Knife)

The Usuba is the Traditional Japanese Vegetable Knife. It's squared off blade makes it easier for chopping and peeling vegetables.

It is the first knife that apprentice sushi chefs practice with, as the skills developed by using The Usuba is transferrable to other Traditional Japanese Knives.


Mioroshi Deba (Sushi & Fish Butchering Knife) →

The Mioroshi Deba is a special Traditional Japanese Knife because it is a mix of the Yanagi & Deba Knife.

The blade is long and graceful like the Yanagi which enables it to live sashimi and sushi. At the same time, the spine is thick and heavy like the Deba in order for it to butcher, fillet and clean fish.


← Sobakiri (Noodle Knife)

The Sobakiri, also know as the "Menkiri", or "Udon Kiri" is a knife used for cutting noodles.

In order to get perfect even thin strips, the knife is extremely sharp,& the blade extends to the end of the handle to cover the width of the dough. The blade sits completely flat against the cutting board.