← Gyuto (Chef's Knife)

The Gyuto or Chef's knife is a multi purpose knife, and is the most versatile knife in any kitchen. These knives can be used for pretty much everything.

Japanese Chef's knives are usually lighter, sharper, and thinner than their European counterparts & Japanese steels are usually harder, which gives it its razor sharp edge, although it is more delicate than its European counterpart.


Santoku (All Purpose Knives) →

Like the Gyuto, the Santoku is a multi function tool in the kitchen. The Santoku's name (三徳) means "3 Virtues", and it comes from its ability to handle meat, fish, and vegetables.

The Santoku shape is especially great in home use, because of its wider blade shape, and less aggressive curve, and it usually comes at a smaller, less intimidating size than the Gyuto.


← Kiritsuke & Bunka (All Purpose Knives)

Traditionally, the Kiritsuke knife type was only used by the Head Chef in a Japanese kitchen. Nowadays, its a popular alternative to the Gyuto (Japanese Chef's Knife). 

The Bunka Knife is a variation of the Santoku Knife. Like the Gyuto (Japanese Chef's Knife), and Santoku, The Kiritsuke & Bunka knives are all multipurpose knives.


Petty & Paring (Utility Knives) →

The Petty & Paring Knives are small general, all purpose knives. Think of them as the smaller brother to the Gyuto (Japanese Chef's Knife). They usually come at a size that ranges from 80-150mm.

It's a convenient size for more detailed work, cutting, or peeling vegetables and fruits, or overall smaller ingredients.


← Nakiri (Vegetable Knife)

The Nakiri is designed for chopping vegetables. The boxy shape it has comes from the Traditional Japanese Knife; Usuba.

The flatter blade makes It easier to chop with a push-cut method , and the wide and thin blade allows the user an easier and more comfortable experience when cutting and chopping vegetables.


Sujihiki (Slicer Knife) →

The Sujihiki is a long, thin, and narrow blade intended for slicing boneless protein in one long stroke.

If you often cut and slice (fillet) fish, meats, hams, etc, Sujihiki is the best choice for your needs. Originally Sujihiki knife is designed for cutting and removing the muscles from meats.


← Honesuki & Hanktosu (Boning Knife)

The Honesuki & Hankotsu is a Japanese-style boning knife for poultry and other meats. 

This blade is designed for trimming, frenching, and deboning meat.Compared to its European counterpart, the Honesuki & Hankotsu is less flexible and thicker.


Cleaver (Heavy Duty Knife) →

Cleavers are heavy-duty multipurpose knives, they are known more for their durability than their sharpness

These are excellent all-purpose kitchen knives, ideal for cutting meats and vegetables, crushing spices, and moving ingredients from the cutting board to the pan.